Is Short Term Medical Insurance Right For You?

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Short term medical insurance is a great option for individuals who are in transition from one life event to another. Have you recently retired, changed jobs or divorced? This coverage maybe perfect for you!

For these situations and many others, Short Term health insurance, also called Temporary health insurance or Term health insurance, might be right for you. It can fill that gap in coverage and until you can choose a longer term solution.

Short Term insurance may be for you if you're:

Short Term insurance may be for you if you're:

  • Unable to apply for Affordable Care Act (ACA), also called Obamacare, coverage because you missed
  • Open Enrollment and you don't qualify for Special Enrollment
  • Waiting for your ACA coverage to start
  • Looking for coverage to bridge you to Medicare
  • Turning 26 and coming off your parent's insurance
  • Between jobs or waiting for benefits to begin at
    your new job
  • Healthy and under 65