Gary was very patient and reassuring during the whole application process. He understood what I was looking for worked through my concerns and got me signed up

Greg S.

Gary is the best in the business. He's professional, knowledgeable and friendly. He knows his business inside and out. If you need Health Insurance, Medicare or Medicare Supplements, he is the expert ! I purchased my Health Insurance from him over 10 years ago. I've got one of the best plans out there. He cares about people and it shows ! Thank you Gary.

Ron K.

Gary and I worked together on some annuity business; he is responsive and exceptionally thorough. I would gladly do business with Gary again anytime.

David H.

I was referred to Gary from a co worker of mine a few years back and have been using him ever since. He has always been there to help me with any questions, always answers my calls and gets back to me right way and makes this process easy for me. I have also referred my family to him who has also enjoyed working with him. I give him two thumbs up!

Kelly C.

Gary is very friendly, he explains very clearly any question I asked. Thank you Gary, I appreciate what you did for me.

Frank T.

Gary has helped me with health insurance for several years. He answers all my questions with kindness and helps me find the plan that best suits my needs. Having an expert to work with is such a relief when navigating the confusing maze of health insurance plans. In all my interactions with Gary he has always been kind, patient, knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend Gary for all your health insurance needs.

Rita C.

Gary conversed with me for several months before I was retired. I had a ton of questions and he never hesitated to help me understand. I have recommended him to several friends. Feels like a forever friendship for us with him.

Ida W.

Gary is awesome agent he has an answer for everything and if he is unsure of something he will try his best to help find an answer. He's very patient and explains everything thoroughly.

Lynh L.

Gary is your guy ! He's knowledgeable, patient and trustworthy! I've worked in the insurance industry from a doctors office standpoint and I'll tell you he knows his stuff , I'm a very satisfied customer it's been two years since I've met him and I won't go to anyone else.

Jessie V.

Gary is amazing! I've known him for years and getting to know him was a pleasure. He is very professional and friendly. He helped my family and I get the best deal for health insurance. I most definitely recommend him to all my family and friends! Thank you so much Gary!.

Christine T.

Gary does excellent work highly recommend.

Anthony D.

Gary is professional in his field, very knowledgeable, dedicated, kind and hard working. Gary is the best!!

Roxanna B.

As I have known Gary for many, many years, I can attest that he will do his best to fit your health insurance needs in an honest, reliable and expedient manner, and do what is best for your individual needs. Blossom F.

Blossom F.

I've had the pleasure of working with Gary and can safely say that he's very knowledgeable, professional and goes above and beyond for his customers anytime they need it.

Jonathan L.

Gary is very knowledgeable, helpful, kind and very patient. He was able to help me and my wife with our health insurance. Even after our polices were in effect, when I had issues that I did not understand, Gary took his time to help me. That is great service. And for this I will and have recommended Gary to anyone who is looking for or needs help with Health Insurance.

Guillermo Z.

Gary is absolutely terrific. I've dealt with several agents with various services and Gary, hands down, has been the best. He was on top of my needs and figured out the best plan for me and helped me execute it!! He's very knowledgeable and fully explains everything you need to understand. I would strongly refer Gary to anyone looking for a great agent and a great person!!!

Kevin K.

Gary, takes care of business.

Albert B.

Gary has been, without question, the best advisor on all types of medical, prescription and dental plans since I have started "traveling" through this complex world. He is dedicated, thorough and detailed and will come up with the plan(s) best for you in very quick fashion while finding the best options and saving you time and money.

Majo M.

Gary was extremely helpful, he handled all of my insurance needs quickly, courteously and professionally.

Mike W.

I am very happy about the support I get from the first call. Thank you Mr.Gary for your help and support you are the best.

Ibrahim A.

Gary is wonderful and very helpful, he works with me to get the best deal. I definitely would recommend him to my friend and family

Geri G.

I know Gary for a long time. He is so kind with his customers and make you feel safe on getting what is best for you.

javier t.

Gary was wonderful. He helped my husband when he went on Medicare and offered him a reasonable supplement for his needs. Now that I am about to enter the 'Medicare Zone" Gary is going to help me sign up and get me a supplement that meets my needs with all my doctors that I visit to make sure they are on the plan. Not only is Gary very knowledgeable, but he is kind, respectful, patient and available any time to answer questions that you may have. You can either text him, email him or even call him and he is always available! He makes you feel like a family member and answers any questions you may have. He never makes you feel like you are asking silly questions. Keep up the good work Gary! Thank you for always being there for us! Annie and Hector.

Annie B.

Picking out a Medicare Supplement Plan can be very confusing. Gary came to my home and not only explained it to us, but stayed until my husband and I fully understood it. He was kind, patient, and definitely knowledgeable about Medicare supplements. He followed up with phone calls to make sure we received our policies, and were completely satisfied. We are now confident about our choice, and thank him for helping us make the right decision!!

Mariann C.

Gary has been incredible in helping me with my supplemental insurance issues. He has come to my office so that I would not have to go out at night and was very understanding of my concerns. Gary is efficient, kind and genuinely interested in doing the right thing. I have recommended him to others and will continue to do so.

Maxine A.

I was in a panic, I was going to lose my health insurance from work, someone gave me Gary's card and I called him, he assured me he could help, he came over and we sat at the table with his computer and figured out what insurance would best suit my needs ..I could not be happier , I would definitely recommend Gary , when it comes to my health insurance I definitely have peace of mind.

Diane A.

Gary was wonderful, got a better price for the exact same plan. Very patient and helpful after the plan was instituted.

miriam s.

Hello Gary,

Thank you sooo much for taking care of Mom's Medicare Supplement. At 95 years old, she's not all that thrilled with change. The reason we held off as long as we did was because Mom was happy with the survivor benefits, she received from AT&T after Dad passed away. It was a Cobra plan that expired. She realized it was necessary to make a change.

They were trying to move her into a United Health Care Medicare Advantage Plan. I did some research and found it to be far inferior to my Medicare and the American United plan you set me up with. She was so impressed that you came to her apartment and spent considerable time trying to get the facts on the proposed plan and what you had to offer. When we explained that she would be receiving better coverage at a lower cost, she was very skeptical.

It's now been three months. She has made the usual visits for her macular degeneration, her dermatologist and her podiatrist. She has also had her two prescriptions filled through the Humana plan. Can you believe at 95 that's the entire list of healthcare needs? I'm so blessed to still have her in my life. What would I do without Sunday bingo?

Because of her failing eyesight, I take care of all of her bills. Of course, with her supervision. The skepticism is fading as I keep telling her she doesn't owe a deductible or co-pay. She's probably going to ask me why we didn't do this sooner!!!

Thanks again for all of your hard work. I know this one was a challenge. As always, your follow through was top notch. If you ever have a skeptical prospect, feel free to have them give me a call.

Jim L.

Gary explained everything. Went with program

Ira F.